Monday, January 23, 2006

I hate Mondays (whine)

hatehatehatehatehate Mondays!

On Saturdays and Sundays, I look over when I wake up and there he is, my husband. The man whose very existence gives me faith in humanity. My rock. Mo's side of the bed was empty this morning when I woke up. Blah. He has to work and be away from us all day, all week... and to top it off, he's taking a class this semester on MONDAY NIGHTS. Double blah!

I read
a post by Dooce recently where she talks about how good it's been for their family to have her husband home after he quit his job. She wrote it in response to some reader criticism to the changes she'd made to her popular blog. I loved that post. Especially the last three sentences. If I could do what she's doing, I'd have my husband home with me EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. Make no mistake about it.

Then, I was watching the Today show this morning (usually the right amount of perky to distract me) and they discussed Newsweek's
cover story about how the educational system is failing boys. No shit, REALLY?!?!? I've been living with this for the last nine years, it's about time someone raised the issue at the national level. I've got a lot to say on this so, it'll be in another post. And I'm hoping Mo will add his own two cents' to this discussion (no pressure, mi amor, ok?)


bitemycookie said...

we used to live and work together too. and it made my life more enjoyable, for sure. can't wait to read more about your fam. loving this so far.

Vic said...

Cool I can comment even though I'm not a member. :D