Friday, January 20, 2006

making sofrito

sofrito is a Spanish word for a blend of savory ingredients, herbs & spices that are sauteed in order to flavor stews, soups, etc. Each cook tends to have their own custom blend/proportion for the ingredients used... and my way of making sofrito is very non-traditional for a Puerto Rican. Mo just calls it "the obligatory green stuff" and scarfs up whatever I serve him.

This marriage partnership of ours is a lot like sofrito... why can't I be a normal person and think of non-food related metaphors? I'm Puerto Rican, he's Irish-American, his ex-wife is Iranian and our four kids are a mixed bunch. More on that later.

I have a LOT to learn about blogging. Mo's been after me for over a year to do this and, procrastinator that I am, it took
the Cookies moving to Blogspot to compel me to start writing. It's been forever since I've written for pure pleasure (or sanity), and as it is, I'm currently typing with one hand while holding our 18-month-old sleeping child in my lap. My butt's numb... but naps are rare around here, so WOO-HOO! I hope to find my voice again, and that Mo will figure out he has one to share. I'm inspired and intimidated by the people I regularly read: Greg at daddytypes, Dutch & Wood at sweet juniper, the aforementioned Cookie, the foodie-mamma I'm likely to copy while blogging, and several others I'll link to later. El Niño is now awake & I've gotta go!

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bitemycookie said...

very cool. congrats on the new blog. we can celebrate with cookies when we meet. glad to see that dutch and wood have started such a sexy trend. the set-up to your story sounds tasty and i am excited to read more. one more the for the blogroll (as soon as i figure out how to do the blogroll!) anyway, thanks for the warm welcome to pdx.

can't wait to see what you're thinking about.