Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Measure 37

I will try to avoid rants on this blog, only because I often try to avoid rants altogether (I usually wind up with a migraine when I rant, which is NOT fun). And because Mo and I do not always agree when it comes to politics. However, the Oregon Supreme Court ruled today that Measure 37 is legal, and I understand why they did... I really, really do. It's just that I now have to pray that somehow we amend this thing or vote it away or something. This state's land-use measures have been praised and studied by other states and countries. Having come from a place that is overdeveloped (I'm referring to both Puerto Rico and California now), I hope and pray that the voters of this state will find a happy medium, a way to preserve the land-use policies that benefit most of us, and compensate the *few* people who are actually hurt by them. NOT the developers who would overbuild the place and pave everything over with ridiculous strip malls, business parks and cookie-cutter crapola McMansions.

That's it. I feel a twinge of pain at the side of my head. I better go while the going's good.

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bitemycookie said...

just so you know, i'm here and reading. cant wait to workshop it all in person. big hugs.