Friday, March 31, 2006

Astoria, OR

I love Oregon. When I left Puerto Rico twelve years ago, I wasn't sure I'd ever feel "at home" anywhere. Eventually I came to Oregon, looked around, and realized I'd finally found my place in the world, so I quickly moved here. I haven't wanted to leave since, and used to resent business trips that took me away for more than a couple of days.

Today we went to Astoria and had a great time. One of the highlights of this daytrip was going to the Astoria Column. I'm tired and still nursing the tail end of a bad flu, so I'll just let the pictures speak for me. The weather was a bit icky, so I'll have to post pictures of all this again in the Summer...

looking at the mouth of the Columbia River where it meets the Pacific.

This is the column, we're standing at the door, ready to climb up the stairs to go up to the viewing platform.

better picture of the mouth of the Columbia, and the bridge that leads to Washington State.

a view of Youngs Bay

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