Wednesday, April 05, 2006

did I ever mention how lazy I am?

ehhh, I really, really am. It's so much easier to post pictures (I also LOVE Picasa, again because I'm so lazy) than to sit here and try to be all deep about my feelings and thoughts, right? Right. I figure I should be getting some interesting visits from people wanting to check out my naked breast... LOL, gotcha suckazzzz!

Anyway, here's some of the rest of our day in pictures... and, I should also take this opportunity to say that it's obvious Mo and I aren't the best photographers. We definitely need to learn to tweak the shutter speed and aperture on the camera instead of relying on the auto setting. Then maybe our pictures will be better, like

the Traveling Kozy serves as a high-chair substitute while El Niño eats his "peet-ZAH"

here we are with the Oregon Zoo's Cascade Mountain Goat in the background. It hardly ever hangs out where you can see it, so we were happy to get it in the shot, even if it looks more like a ghost than an actual animal.

the Zoo's gift shop has this gigantic, goofy-looking bear that scares the crap out of El Niño. Except that Daddy's almost as big as the bear, so it's ok when he walks up to it.

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