Friday, April 28, 2006

randomly yours

I need to post, if only to establish the habit of posting regularly and more than once a week. Also because I'm slowly acquiring "friends in the computer" (I'm borrowing this term from BMC who borrowed it from someone else...) thanks to this blog, and I don't want to be lame and throw out bombshells about people running away and then not come back and say that all is sorta well.

See, Hyde got very sick on Sunday night, so sick he had to miss two days of school and then came home on Wednesday running a fever again. At times like these, I guess it's nice to be home with a mom and dad who take care of everything. Right? So, there's been a bit of an attitude improvement. Parenting class was great on Sunday morning too. I felt my feelings and experiences very validated. One of the teachers had emailed this essay to me the night before, when she found out what had happenend with Hyde during the week, and reading it was quite eye-opening for me as far as helping me understand how I've been relating to most of the main players in my life.

Potty-training is going much better in the last few days, it seems El Niño is finally getting the hang of holding pee in a little and saying "potty" when he feels like it's time to not hold it in anymore. We had no accidents yesterday, even though he went naked-butt all day while he was awake (he wore a cloth diaper during his nap, which was soaking wet by the time he woke up) and I was battling the worst migraine I've had in months. He *is* dealing with a bad case of diaper rash, his first since I binged on chocolate a year ago and we found out the hard way that he's allergic to it, because he refused to let us change his cloth diaper a few times earlier this week and apparently that's all it took to mess up his delicate skin big time.

While I was discussing with Mo yesterday what kind of diaper rash cream I wanted him to buy (we've never used any because we've never had to... I double-dare you to ask me why I feel that routine use of diaper rash cream is unnecessary), I told him that I'm not *really* crunchy, more like yoghurt-covered-granola crunchy. And it made him laugh. I love it when I can make him laugh. And also when I can come up with a way to describe myself that doesn't make me feel uncomfortable, doesn't pigeon-hole me into some category that I don't really belong in (I'm apparently not the only one with this issue). Before El Niño was born, I'd never heard of Attachment Parenting, lactivism, family beds, or "crunchy" as an adjective for people. I'd cut out MSG and artificial ingredients from my diet for health, not moral or political reasons. I recycled and tried to generate as little garbage as possible out of a sense of responsibility towards nature. Whenever I could afford to, I bought organic products, and I guess that was a little political-moral-ethically motivated. But I think my Natural Family Planning, organic farming, non-vaxing cousin and her family are crunchy... not us. Ummmm, I mean seriously, we shop at Costco, Target and Big Lots. We can't afford to shop regularly at Whole Foods or New Seasons. So, in my migraine-induced delirium, I came up with yoghurt-covered granola. It fits me, us, our life. My favorite breakfast is a layer of fresh fruit covered by a layer of yoghurt, with a layer of granola and some honey drizzled over it. If you've never had this combo, you are missing out on some edible perfection!

Speaking of granola, is this a good time to talk about baby carriers? Because I've found myself obsessively thinking about them lately... I received word-by-email that my silk & velveteen Kozy is almost finished, and I nearly peed my pants with glee. When I post a picture of the finished product, I'm sure it'll be obvious what the BFD is and why I'm so excited. However, I'm also in the market for a lighter, Summer-friendly carrier (I'm sure the velveteen will not be my best friend when it gets really hot here). So, we're considering getting ourselves this gauze wrap from Gypsy Mama:

You may not be able to tell from the pictures that this hand-batiked-in-Bali wrap has a gorgeous print of TURTLES along the borders, and a mermaid holding a baby in the center. PeRRRfect! By the way, Mo is such an awesome, supportive husband that he helped me pick out this wrap (he happens to be a sucker for turtles too). I have to sell the Gracosaur to fund it, tho.

The other carrier that keeps appearing in my dreams these days is from
Didymos, a German company that just rocks my world for their commitment to fair trade, the environment and offering their customers a guilt-free, beautiful product. I encourage you to visit their site and read up on their corporate philosophy. This is called Purple Waves and contains all my favorite colors in the world. I would gladly be mummiffied in this wrap. *sigh* I can dream. And, trust me, I do.

Happy Friday!


PBfish said...

hmmnnn...I've been thinking about baby carriers lately too (and hoping that I'll get to use one next winter). I like the purple one, it's sort of sexy. In a baby carrier way...
I see you mentioned cloth diapers, do you use them? I'm interested in using them (if I get the chance) and very curious to hear about how well they work.

sweetchaos said...

glad you're back! the link to the essay doesn't work, but I'm glad all is well in your camp.

honey said...

yep, I do use cloth diapers, part-time. I posted a few helpful links in comments over at your blog, PB. And yes, the Purple Waves is sexy... don't even get me started on how sexy Mo looks when he's got our baby strapped to him!

I don't know why the link to that essay isn't working today... it's a great piece on the three faces of victimhood, and I learned a lot from reading it. If anyone's interested, I can email the Word doc that contains the same essay posted on the author's webpage. Just email me with your email addy. I think that for those of us who have survived really dysfunctional family dynamics, it's a useful tool.

HeatherJ said...

I love carriers, but Aly only wants to be either a)walking everywhere or b)in the backpack carrier. She just does not like to be carried, unless she is sleepy.

Can you use these with a hefty kid? Our 20 month old Aly is bigger than the other two year olds on our street.

stefanierj said...

Yay for cloth diapers. People look at my like I grew a new head when I say I use them. Also, try wearing a wrap or something to a store like the hated Wal-mart, just to see peoples' eyes fall out of their heads.

You know, I don't sew, so I just got a 6-foot piece of gauzy Indian cotton, hemmed it with stitch witch and used some of the wrap styles at and had myself an ellaroo/didymus for about $6. Of course, my child WILL NOT ride in it anymore, but hey--at least I have it, LOL!

bitemycookie said...

dood. i totally believed you an on the not-so-crucnchy thing until you starting singing odes to baby slings. hold up your arm. i want to check out your pits just to be sure.