Saturday, July 08, 2006

fire and loss

these are a few pictures of the Sweet Oregon Grill, a restaurant housed in two old barn buildings that burned down early this morning. The pictures were taken on our wedding day... see, this is where we had our garden wedding ceremony and reception almost three years ago. The site has now been declared a total loss and the owner says he will probably not rebuild.

We are so bummed, even Hyde was sad today. This wasn't the kind of place we'd go to all the time but we would drive by it often and joke that it looked like such a nice place to have a wedding. We're planning to go this weekend and see if we can take some pictures in the garden, if there's any of it left. My only regret is that we didn't get *more* pictures taken there on our wedding day. We have so many good memories from there, and it just seems wrong that a place so special to us is now gone...

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mama without instructions said...

sorry to hear that it affected you too. when i heard that it had burned down and that a wedding reception was planned today i couldn't imagine the chaos it must have caused for that couple, not to mention the loss for the owners and all of the previous people who had married there. Nice to see pictures of it that have meaning for you.