Wednesday, August 30, 2006

National Association Of W Lovers

I don't know why but I love this song! And El Niño is obsessed with the letter W (I've mentioned this here before) so he's positively transfixed when I play this for him.

When the computer crashed last week, the one good thing that happened was that, once we got the PC back up and restored, the sound finally started working again. It mysteriously stopped working a few months after I bought the computer, and it was never a huge issue for us, I never cared enough to do anything about it. With the advent of YouTube and other video hosting sites over the past year, things are totally different now and I can honestly say that I'm enjoying the fact that I can now watch AND listen to all sorts of things on our PC.


stefanierj said...

Yay for El Nino, but dude, what a way, way, unfortunate favorite letter to have right now. The presidential letter himself is visiting our fair city today and I am happy to announce that our most excellent mayor is protesting the joker!!

stefanierj said...

Sorry that my comment assumes you are a Bush-hater. Ignore it if you're not one!

mama without instructions said...

funny, henry likes w too. the letter that is. it's the only letter beside the ones in his name he even bothers with.