Wednesday, February 01, 2006

no clue...

"ahhh-pí-ya-WAH? ahhh-pí-ya-WAHWAH! ah-Pí ah-Pí ah-Pí-ya-WAAAAAHHHHHH"

That's it, El Niño's most recent proclamation to the masses, erm... the immediate family. All day long, this is what he tells us, with the most earnest look on his face. SO earnest, really I can't even tell you what those little grey eyes do to my heart when he looks at me that way.

I cannot for the life of me figure out what it means. It may have something to do with a certain cd that appears to affect his brain like crack.

The other cute thing he's started doing is, when you ask him if he wants to do something and he doesn't, he'll turn his face partly & look shyly and say "no!" very softly, almost like he doesn't want to say it. But he's very sure of himself, trust me on this.

Oh, and he says "ee-yaya" for giraffe. I'm loving that too.

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