Thursday, January 26, 2006

please allow me to introduce myself

So... I guess it's time to introduce myself: I'm Mo, the Gringo. Honey and I are new to blogging (I'm a lot newer than her) and as she's stated, this will be a nice place to vent, to write about things that are important to us or just stuff we think is fun. As you will quickly learn, the majority of the posts will be coming from her. I'm still trying to warm to this whole thing. I'm not against it, however, I am just a little shy and not as deep as she thinks I am (inside joke). I'll probably fill you in on this later.

Honey is home with Mr. Boy during the day while I eke out a modest living. I wish she got paid for what she does, she does all the real work. I sit at a desk doing this-n-that (nothing exciting) while she deals with runny noses, potty training, feedings... well, you know what I mean. After she takes care of these things all day, I get to come home to an enthusiastic "Da-ddyyyyyy!" from a running, arms outstretched, ready-for-a-hug little boy. I get to enjoy the rewards of all her hard work.

I try and give her relax-time on the weekends. I can't go too far or be gone for a long period of time with the baby due to the fact that I don't have what he MUST HAVE every hour or so. Mr Boy is still nursing 'round-the-clock, which I think is great but it doesn't lend well for me taking off for the afternoon and leaving her to read a book or take a long bath. I do what I can and I know she appreciates it.
I've learned so much from Honey, and am glad we'll have this place where others will get to benefit from all of her insights as well as be able to feel the warmth from her beautiful heart.

So, some general info about me. I enjoy watching sports, all sports (but I don't let them interfere with other things). I'll watch whatever I can, when I can but I don't let them rule my life. If it comes down to watching a football game or going to the park with Honey and Mr. Boy, I'll go to the park any time. Same goes for hanging out with the teenage son living with us. I really like to ski but due to our current circumstances and financial constraints, I haven't been in a few years. I'm not the greatest skier but I do ok and have been skiing since I was 13. I read about two books a month (on MAX and during lunch, I'm way too tired at night to try and read, I'd just pass out, so I just veg in front of the TV for an hour or so before I fall asleep). I'm always looking for good titles, so recommendations are welcome. I'll read just about anything that is well-written, I don't limit myself to specific genres.

Well, that should do it for now. If you haven't been put to sleep or aren't considering suicide after reading this, I hope you'll be back -- if not for me, at least for my lovely and talented wife.

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