Thursday, August 17, 2006


I've been offered the opportunity to work part-time from home doing some Spanish/English translation and/or interpretation services. This may turn out to be an easy way for me to contribute to our currently struggling household finances. The businessman offering this opportunity is even willing to print out some business cards for me (at his expense) but has asked me to come up with a business name to put on the cards and maybe a little art to go with it. Hmmmmmmm... I'm really drawing a blank here, no creative juices flowing in this head, in fact I've been trying to kill off a migraine since 4am. Anyone got ideas for me??? I can't promise cookies, like one of my friends has in the past, but my undying gratitude will *surely* reap spiritual rewards for you...


mama without instructions said...

no ideas yet but i will think about it. sounds like a great deal! yay you!

HeatherJ said...

Not really sure what type of graphics you would be looking for, or a name. I have not creative juices at the moment. There are so many talented folks in the blog world though. Could you find something through a clip art search? A lot of it is copywrited but there are some designers just looking to get their work out there. So happy that you have found something. It sounds perfect.

Can BMC help you? Doesn't she have an advertising background?

bitemycookie said...

what about sofrito gringo? duy.
or "muy facil" oh wait, you're not a hooker.
ok. what about -- um --
diga me!
or vamonos
or barata translata

shit, i am going to have to think about this. wish i would workshop it over a bottle of vino. i will think on it -- remind me tho -- and i will get back to you on it.